A Recent Client Says ...
- Whitney Bell
"I had been having various minor health issues that were becoming an annoyance. In my case, I felt that ‘being healthier’ would resolve the issues, but I didn’t know where to start as I thought I ate well and took good care of myself. In a conversation with Rachel, she quickly opened my eyes on how to significantly improve my health – and with relative ease. I knew Rachel had spent years investigating healthy life styles and I knew she was personally committed to living a healthy life. Rachel is a calming force and has been where you are. Rachel is not a zealot who thinks you should punish or deprive yourself, she knows how that feels and that the results are questionable at best. She wants you to be healthy AND enjoy what you eat. She wants you to have fun and enjoy experimenting with new foods. She wants to help you find what works best for your body and your lifestyle.

I told Rachel from the beginning – if I can do this, anyone can. I have a high stress job and a busy home life, dedicating time to lots of food prep, researching recipes, meditation, and exercising did not sound appealing to me. But somehow, Rachel has me doing all those things – and more! Rachel encouraged me to experiment with ‘good’ food and ‘bad’ foods to see how I felt, and I quickly learned that I feel much better when I eat well. Rachel did not rush me, she let me take on different topics at my speed, not hers. She is very good at introducing thoughts and bringing them back around when the situation calls for more discussion. Who knew doing what a food coach recommends would earn me so many compliments!
- Whitney B.
Vice President of Fortune 500 Company & Mom
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